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High Rise Commercial & Residential Services

Commercial Calking & Re-calking

Caulking – Re-caulking – Glazing – Silicone

A good caulking job combines preparation, the proper application of backing rods and sealant, and expert tooling to achieve a seal that is both aesthetically pleasing and waterproof. We are highly experienced when it comes to applying caulking and sealant in areas that are not easy to access like high-rise building reveals


  • Commercial-Residential
  • Precase joint sealant
  • Concrete joint sealant
  • Masonry joint sealant
  • Curtain joint sealant
  • Aluminum windows sealant
  • Door frames – bathroom utilities
  • Remove old caulking and re-caulk

Window Replacement – Glass Replacement

We offer a wide variety of window replacement and new window installation services as well as glass replacement.

Our professional staff offers quality advice and the expertise to develop a project that is right for you to help you choose the perfect style of windows for your home or office. We offer a full warranty on all of our work and strive to provide you with an exceptional and satisfying experience.

    Window Replacement Kitchener ON

    Break Repair Job in Toronto


    Exterior Brick & Concrete Repair 

    To restore damaged or fretting bricks means one of two things. They can either be turned around, or they need to be replaced. It often happens that bricks and masonry are beyond salvage and need to be replaced.

      Tuck Pointing & Re-pointing

      There are a couple of different ways this can be done: either with a hawk and trowel, or with a gun. Our qualified tradesmen use guns to inject the mortar between the bricks as this method has proven to give a superior finish and result to our clients.

        broken brick and calking


        exterior waterproofing


        Waterproofing, Fire Stopping & Smoke Sealing

        From the windows, floors and walls, to the crawl space we have experienced and skilled workers completing your projects

        • coating
        • concrete decorative coating
        • joint sealant
        • epoxy
        • liquid membranes

        When penetrations are created for building services, within a fire rated floor, wall or roof assembly it is critical to seal these penetrations to a rating equivalent to the fire resistance rating of the assembly. By doing this it will assist in confining a fire to its origin, thereby giving the building’s suppression systems or firefighters a better chance to control it before the entire structure becomes involved.